Sowing the Seeds of Stewardship in Agricultural Conservation Easements

September 27, 2018

Presentations and Handouts (compiled)

Exclusion Areas vs. Building Envelopes within the Easement
Kerry Doyle and Sumana Serchan, Vermont Land Trust; Jeremy Lougee, SELT; Megan Chapman, Upper Valley Land Trust

Attorneys Amy Manzelli, BCM Environmental & Land Law, and Reagan Bissonnette, Forest Society

Stewarding NRCS Agricultural Land Easements (ALE)
Jason Berard, Upper Valley Land Trust; Sue Knight, NRCS; Debbie Goard, SELT, Cara Montgomery, Vermont Land Trust

Stewardship of conserved farmland poses unique challenges. Farms are dynamic, complex, and typically subject to greater human impact than other types of conserved land.  This underscores the importance of careful drafting, and stewarding, of agricultural conservation easements, particularly as more NH land trusts expand into farmland conservation. 

This workshop focused on three “sticky” issues facing land trusts:
1) housing (in the easement area or excluded), 2) agritourism, and
3) the special challenges of stewarding NRCS ALE (Agricultural Land Easements)