Siting Solar and Conservation Easements: Opportunities and Challenges

Thursday February 18, 2021

Solar panels

Many NH land trusts have received requests to permit solar energy projects of every shape and size on land already protected by existing conservation easements and anticipate similar requests on land to be protected by future conservation easements. This workshop will cover when and under what conditions a land trust may allow solar energy development on land subject to a conservation easement and considering template language to allow future solar installations. The speakers will explain the scope and impacts of different types of projects, review solar issues under Land Trust Standards and Practices and federal tax law, discuss sample easement provisions to address issues raised, and provide a framework for assessing whether solar energy is appropriate for a particular property.


Sylvia Bates, Director of Standards & Educational Services, Land Trust Alliance
Jeanie McIntyre, President, Upper Valley Land Trust
Alex Metzger, Stewardship Director, Monadnock Conservancy

Workshop Presentations and Handouts

Sylvia Bates: Siting Solar in New Conservation Easements


Practical Pointer: Siting Renewables on Conservation Easements: What Land Trusts Need to Know
Pointers for Balancing Risk When Permitting Structures on Deductible Conservation Easements

Clean Energy, Green Communities: A Guide to Siting Renewable Energy in the Hudson Valley

Jeanie McIntyre: Reviewing Renewable Energy Infrastructure Proposals On Lands Subject To Conservation Easements

Alex Metzger:  Drafting Renewable Energy Language for Conservation Easements