Land, People, Processes, and Data: How Can a Land Trust Keep Track of it All?

Thursday, February 20, 2020




Databases Handout
LOCATE Questions Answered
Landscape Questions Answered
Etuity Questions Answered

Workshop Description

As land trusts conserve more properties, the old excel spreadsheets and early database systems used to track our data become less effective and less efficient. Newer systems have been developed and are tailored to land trust work by integrating contact information, property information, acquisition processes, stewardship activities, and much more in ways that enhance our ability to keep track of, manage and report on all the details.

Learn what other land trusts are doing and the software database packages they are using to manage their stewardship and land conservation data, and examine the options, challenges and opportunities. The workshop presenters will cover the following database software packages:  Locate, Landscape and Etuity.

This will primarily be a discussion-based workshop with lots of time for questions.

Workshop Presenters

Pete Helm, Squam Lakes Conservation Society
Naomi Houle, Society for the Protection of NH Forests
Jill Crosbie, Great Works Regional Land Trust
Rebecca DiGirolomo, UNH Cooperative Extension (speaking about Monadnock Conservancy experience)