Improving Monitoring Efficiencies with Remote Monitoring Technologies

Thursday, February 10, 2022

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Fulfilling a Land Trust's annual conservation easement monitoring obligations can be a monumental task. As new easements are added to a conservation portfolio, the organizational resources can start to get stretched thin. Come hear case studies of how different Land Trusts are using different remote monitoring tools to increase efficiency and ensure easement permanence. In this presentation we will discuss drones, aerial monitoring, and purchasing aerial and satellite imagery as possible options within the context of three different stewardship programs. Topics including LTA Standards and Practices, funding agency monitoring requirements, and internal monitoring policies will be covered as well.


Jason Berard, Upper Valley Land Trust
Naomi Brattlof, Society for the Protection of NH Forests
Andy Deegan, Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust
Rick McCaw, LightHawk


8:30   Zoom Opens for early birds/informal conversation
9:00   Annual Meeting and Workshop
10:30 Break/Zoom chat rooms
10:50 Workshop resumes
12:00 Workshop end