Conserving Your Land Book 2019

Conserving Your Land
Options for New Hampshire Landowners

Conserving Your Land is a guide for landowners, conservation commissions, citizens, and others interested in learning about land conservation options and techniques. Originally written in 2005 by the Forest Society's Center for Land Conservation Assistance, the guide has been revised and updated (2019) and is available via this web page. You can view the document directly in the viewer, below. There are three document download options:

  • To download the high resolution version of the document, click the link at the top of the viewer, below. This is the best option for high quality print. 
    See below the viewer for two other download options.


  • Download the Comprehensive Version of Section 3: Tax Benefits
    (a more detailed version of Section 3)
    This version of Section 3 gets into more technical and complex issues, additional examples and more in-depth explanations than you will find in the primary document. You may want to share this “Comprehensive Version” with your legal and/or financial advisor(s).

    Note that the full CYL document (both high and low resolution) is designed to be printed either on 8.5 x 11 paper, stapled in the top left OR it can be printed booklet-style (on 11 x 17 size paper) using the settings on your printer. You can also take the PDF file to your local printer to make copies.

If you would like a printed copy of Conserving Your Land, please contact your local land trust
All NH land trusts have been provided with a supply of copies.

 If you have any question about this publication please email
Emma Tutein ( or Amanda Stone (